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Paediatric Dentistry

pediatricsWe understand the psychology of a child and how nervous they feel when visiting a dental clinic. Managing children on the dental chair is a challenging task and requires lot of patience and expertise. We at Cochin Dental Clinic are very sensitive to this issue and are well trained to handle any such situation. Our growing number of paediatric patients is enough proof of this fact. Our aim is to make our young patient’s visit to our clinic more fun filled and less anxious.

Paediatric Dentistry play’s a very important role in the management of teeth formation in the young generation. This is because Milk teeth are the foundation on which the permanent teeth are formed. Hence proper and healthy maintenance of the milk teeth will ensure the future dental heath of the child. We continuously educate our paediatric patients on the importance of diet and oral hygiene. Here at Cochin Dental Clinic we are highly specialised in identifying early risk of tooth decay and Gum diseases in children. We generally suggest a sixth monthly check-up to spot early signs of tooth decay or gum diseases. For young adults we provide space maintainers for proper alignment of teeth and correct placement of permanent teeth.

Some of the special features our paediatric dental wing offers you are,

  • Stress Free environment and treatment procedures
  • Regular Dental Check-ups
  • Dietary advice and education on proper tooth development
  • Fluoride Treatment for prevention of tooth decay
  • Fissure sealants to prevent tooth decay
  • Fillings
  • Extractions
  • Cleaning etc…

Our paediatric dental wing is ever ready to take care of your child’s every dental need. Please contact us for an appointment…